The African Conservatives Assembly’s purpose is to bring Africans back to Conservatism. Africans born on the continent or in the diaspora are Conservatives. They are taught of a one Supreme Being (God). Africans know God by several names based on their religion, culture and languages. Some might acknowledge smaller gods as servants or helpers of the Supreme Being.

Africans are industrious and self-reliant. They work their farms, own small businesses, pursue education, relying on their God given talent and strengths not the government because government assistance does not exist.

Africans are fiscal Conservatives. Money management is taught at a young age. Younger children have run fruit stands, sell kerosene on roadsides and make their own money. They take their parent’s farm produce, arts, crafts, palm oil, rice, beans etc. to the market to sell. I am yet to find one who believe that giving a huge portion of that to a distance big government to spend on frivolities is the best thing to do.

Africans are social and religious Conservatives holding their family, friends and religion close to their chest. Have never met one who agrees with homosexuality or abortion. In some countries those acts are criminalized.

For some people, the words African and Conservatives seems to be an anomaly. This is because Africans are mostly lumped together with African Americans and treated as a liberal bloc.  But as explained above, Africans are born conservatives.

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As an Auxiliary of the Republican Party of Texas, we subscribed to the following Principles:

  1. “The laws of nature and nature’s God,” and we support the strict adherence to the original language and intent of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitutions of the United States and of Texas.
  2. The sanctity of innocent human life, created in the image of God, which should be protected from fertilization to natural death.
  3. Preserving American and Texas sovereignty and freedom.
  4. Limiting government power to those items enumerated in the United States and Texas Constitutions.
  5. Personal accountability and responsibility.
  6. Self-sufficient families, founded on the traditional marriage of a natural man and a natural woman.
  7. Having an educated population, with parents having the freedom of choice for the education of their children.
  8. The inalienable right of all people to defend themselves and their property.
  9. A free enterprise society unencumbered by government interference or subsidies.
  10. Honoring all of those that serve and protect our freedom.


Our executives with US House of Representatives Minority Leader, the Honorable Kevin McCarthy

Our executives with US House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy

African Conservatives Assembly Executives paid a visit to Sheriff Troy E. Nehls of Fort Bend County. Sheriff Nehls is the Republican Candidate for Congress in Texas Congressional District 22. Vote Troy Nehls on November 3rd, 2020.

African Conservatives Assembly went block walking for Dr. Johnny Mark Teague, Republican Candidate for Texas' 9th Congressional District. This November 3rd, Check Johnny for Congress



African Conservatives Assembly endorses Gary Gates for Texas House (HD 28)

Watch the endorsement here!